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Alliance Chiropractic Center
Dr. Fred M. Bogan

1211 S. Harvard - Tulsa, OK
Serving Tulsa Since 1978

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* Chiropractor Experience Does Make A Difference *
There are many Chiropractors but there is
only one Chiropractor Dr. Fred M. Bogan

Serving Tulsa since 1978 -- Same location since 1981.
If you need a Chiropractor Dr. Bogan is here for you.

Are you in need
of a Chiropractor?
If so, now is the time to make
your appointment with Dr. Bogan


Experience The Difference
Ultra Chiropractic & Laser Therapy
Only At Alliance On Harvard Ave.

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Doctor Fred Bogan


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Call: 918 832-7880
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You will receive amazing results at Alliance Chiropractic Center in Tulsa Oklahoma,
Chiropractor Experience Does Make A Difference,

If you need a Chiropractor in Tulsa Oklahoma Dr. Bogan is here for you,
Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Fred M. Bogan has been treating patients that need Chiropractic care since 1978,
There are many Tulsa Chiropractors but there is only one Dr. Fred M. Bogan,
Alliance Chiropractic Center -- Serving Tulsa Since 1978 -- Same Location Since 1981,

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